Recent headshots by non-professionals.

During the 90’s and the 00’s, following a childhood dream, Penny signed up with PHA in Manchester and attended numerous workshops/training sessions they ran and she undertook modelling roles including brochures, catalogues, TV extra work and various adverts.  Often being allocated walk on 1 and 2 roles.

Penny has starred in: Hollyoaks, Brookside, Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Cops, Kavanagh QC and other productions and was an Equity Member for a few years.  She was particularly proud to have been invited to the after show party with the legendary John Thaw who bought her a drink, (obviously on expenses) she ended up staying late in Manchester and getting a blooming parking ticket!

She has also compered and hosted two Battle of the Bands competitions as co-owner of Lancashire Lowlife magazine, DJ’d in a local pub and been a guest speaker at various social events.  Penny is available for any mature modelling assignments, TV, radio, voiceover work and would relish the opportunity to expand her repertoire.  She is happy to audition for TV adverts, extras, short term or one off parts and is fine to be considered for various roles, including being sexy, glamorous, tarty, old or drunk.  She can also portray conditions such as a mental breakdown and or depression, having suffered mental health issues herself on and off over the past 32 years.

She would be very happy to be invited on to quiz or gameshows, to raise funds for Suicide Awareness/Prevention UK (SAP;UK). Penny is the Proud Patron, her husband’s legacy founded by her daughter Danielle Shaw in his memory.  R.I.P. Bryan Baron.

Height: 5’3” size 14 top, 12 below.
Shoe size: 5
Hair: long, fine, naturally wavy, brunette and going grey (happy to do adverts for home dying for grey coverage). It can be styled in various ways.