30th May 1989, was the point in time when I first knew depression. This has haunted me on and off ever since.

No one even mentioned mental health in those days, palmed you off with antidepressants, or in extreme circumstances, you were put in an institution and forgotten about.

My self treatment was drink, vodka, to be precise. I always held down a job though, and tried to see myself out of the dark hole I kept slipping back into. Just when I thought I was ok, I’d slip back down.

My children were supportive, but in reality, I put them through hell. My youngest son suffers mental health issues because of me, only me. They suffered the most and I am so grateful they are still here supporting me.

Mental Health is a serious illness, we are now told, and I’m thankful nowadays it is starting to be recognised. If you’ve never had it, you don’t understand – simple. People tell you to ‘snap out of it’ that is impossible to do.

Writing has helped me a lot, it’s good to get your feelings down on paper. Not everyone can write a novel, and it has taken me a long time between starting this and it being on the shelves.

If you think you are suffering, please don’t suffer in silence like I had to. #itsoktonotbeok

Current and Upcoming Books

Nobody’s Perfect is the first in a trilogy. Penny started writing shortly after the suicide of her first love, Jason Hampshire in 1989. It was finally completed and self published in 2008.  After she met her wonderful husband Bryan Baron on 06th February 2013, he encouraged her and they found a publisher together, Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd in London. Working closely with them, it was professionally edited and along with a few obstacles she had to endure along the way, it was finally published on 05/02/2019, a poignant date.

Currently working on ‘Reminiscence’, this takes Nancy back through her rebellious teenage years, then continues with her hectic life.

The final book, unfortunately, is about her life with Bryan and the horrendous emotional rollercoaster following his shock suicide on 04/09/2016, and really focuses on all issues surrounding mental health, as all her books do.